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Our story


Life is strewn with obstacles that we sometimes overcome easily and others more difficult. It was through an uncontrollable ordeal that I learned to overcome my fears. So “fit4dutyperformance” was created based on my experiences to help others. First responders must act in situations requiring a high level of stress and they are left to their own devices to relieve it. Those involved in a crisis situation can also suffer enormously so I offer my services to the entire population. We set off together for other adventures by stabilizing the habits of your life (physical & mental) to prepare you to react better to the unpredictable. Everyone can benefit from my coaching services.



Our mission is to guide first responders and population to a higher level of physical and mental readiness with boldness, leadership and energy.


Our corporate values ​​are deeply based on people, commitment and action. We are committed to providing exceptional quality of human-centered service to our customers.

Serve - Care - Act

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